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Do you need a Professional Voice Talent for your next project?

We are a professional voice over talent with satisfied clients in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Phoenix, San Bernardino, Sacramento, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Jose, Columbus, London, England, United Kingdom, Dublin, Ireland and around the world.

Voice Talent Consultant

We are more than just a voice over site selling services, you'll find a lot of valuable resource information on the professional commercial voice over industry, including recording a voice over demo, voice consulting and choosing the right professional voice talent for your radio, television, corporate, e-learning or narration project.

Looking for a great voice over?

Imagine the possibilities of having professional voice overs available at your fingertips! We offer great professional voice overs from our professional talent. The limits are, well... limitless. Warm, friendly voice over reads to whacked out characters. And now through ISDN digital lines and the internet, national quality voice over talent is at your service, at reasonable non-union rates for your market.

Do it right!

And do it fast!
About 90 percent of our clients return to engage our services again, or refer us to other clients. The reason is simple - we provide excellent service and a high quality product for a reasonable price. Indeed, in the advertising world, fast, courteous and professional service is paramount - you have a deadline and you need it done right the first time.

Raise the bar!

We offer more.
We also provide a lot of free services that many other voice talents charge for, like script consultations, FTP services and re-takes. Some voice talents will charge you a hefty fee because you had to change a single sentence or a couple of words in your script. We're simply not that greedy... and furthermore, our clients deserve to be treated better than that.

Effective communication.

Don't talk at me, speak to me.
This simple statement really says it all. Many voice artists can read the words, but very few can actually communicate to the listener, emparting the knowledge in a personal manner. I hear the same request constantly: "I don't want you to sound like an announcer..." Not a problem here! We deliver the script, we don't read it.

Quality, quality, quality!

It's more than just a great voice.
Audio quality is your first sign as to whether or not you're hiring a real pro for the job. The problem is, it's difficult to tell how good the quality is because most people listen to audio on a cheapo set of computer speakers (even the most expensive computer speakers can't do the job). The most important thing to look for is something we call a "noise floor." Simply put, it's the "noise" behind (underneath) a recording. Bottom line, if audio has a lot of noise behind it, this affects the final product which is (most times) radically compressed for use on the web.

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