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New website launched!
Thanks to our friends at Sonic Web Studios, our new website has gone live. While we will be adding more content in the near future, the site is completely functional and secure. So have a look around, stay a while, and have a great time. If you would like more information on Sonic Web Studios, we have conveniently posted a link at the bottom of our page, as well as right below this post, so you can visit them. We're sure they would love it if you stopped in for a bit!


Partnership with Sound Lizard.
We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Sound Lizard, a spectacular production company located in Roswell, New Mexico. These guys have helped with our demo production, work-part creation, and voice over production. We have also been selected as their premiere voice over talent for their clients. Pretty sweet, don't you think? Check our their site by clicking the link below or at the bottom of the page to see thier amazing production skills, as well as one of the most inexpensive media library stores on the internet. We promise you won't regret it.

Contact Information

10233 Red Iron Creek
Converse, TX 78109
Phone: 1 (210) 978-6751